About Us

When one chapter closes, another begins.


Victoria Ranch is the lifetime achievement of Connie and John Mathews. Initially constructed from a one bedroom cabin kit home in 1960, the couple put great care and attention to detail into their ‘house that love built’ homestead. The ranch embodies that special kind of magic you can only find when something is tenderly handcrafted from the ground up. Settling high up in the coastal mountains, the couple constructed Victoria Ranch to take full advantage of Mother Nature’s breathtaking beauty. A stunningly romantic vantage point is guaranteed with each direction you turn. On a clear day, you can stand on the grand westward facing deck and look out over the rolling chaparral to see the blues of the Pacific Ocean in the background. Embracing the romantic yet simple country life, the cabin was not equipped with electricity until the 1980s. In some rooms you can still see the original, and now decorative, propane lamps that once lit the premises with their warm glow. As they expanded over the years, their appreciation of period decor and rustic design elements helped to curate a stylish property in a gorgeous natural setting that is truly one-of-a-kind. Throughout the years, the ranch remained in the hands of a single owner. Connie lived out the rest of her days on her peaceful sanctuary, reaching the ripe old age of 104 before peacefully transitioning at her beloved Victoria Ranch. We can still sense her joy of life and love of nature in every moment spent on the property. Inspired to extend the legacy of the Mathews’ cherished country grounds, Chef Joann stepped into the role of property director in 2021. With her extensive background in creating beautiful and uniquely memorable events, she recognized that Victoria Ranch needed to be shared with the rest of the world. Coming from a place of love and preservation, she improved upon the existing kitschy elements of the property and breathed new life into an already magical place. The finishing touch of Chef Joann’s delectable bespoke catering service rebirthed Victoria Ranch into a charming all-in-one destination location that is in a class by itself.